Juliane Rickenmann 4tet

Juliane Rickenmann Compositions and arrangements, Saxophone
Maurus Twerenbold Trombone
James Krüttli Double bass
Nathan Vandenbulcke Drums

Made up of four professional musicians, Juliane Rickenmann’s 4tet has embarked on a new musical adventure that seeks above all expression and originality. The 4tet is made up of a saxophone, a trombone, a double bass and a drum set. Juliane Rickenmann, a talented composer, re-harmonizes her melodies by drawing inspiration from this atypical 4tet.
These four musicians succeed in expressing Juliane’s music in all its splendour. Each personality then finds an effortless way to express itself. For several years she has had the desire to create a new formation with the very young and talented musicians, Maurus Twerenbold, Jérémie Krütli and Nathan Vandenbulcke.
This new generation of the aforementioned musicians is a very stimulating challenge for Juliane Rickenmann.
After 3 albums Yodo Gimi (altrisuoni 2010) Emei (Unit 2014) Le Secret (QFTF 2018) the 4tet released their fourth album in May 2022 Time Now.
TIME NOW is the fruit of ideas and compositions made during the pandemic. For artists, this situation is very difficult and inspires a different way of seeing music.